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Deep Sea Fishing on the Osprey II

Running 8 hour trips daily

$125 per fisherman

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We fish year-round in the Gulf of Mexico at different depths and locations depending on the season, the sea conditions, and the location of the schools. Generally, we drift fish for Kingfish, Shark, Dorado, Amberjack, Tuna and Ling during the warmer months and bottom fish for Red Snapper, Grouper and the other bottom species as the waters cool. The Captain and crew are there to help. These are great trips with lots of excitement, lots to see and lots of action.


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Required unless you are under 17 years of age or meet the other criteria listed by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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Captain Bobby with Snapper

All inclusive

Quality service on each trip

  • 150 feet of rail space provides elbow room for fishermen
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Separate restrooms
  • Experienced captains (over 50 years combined) and crew
  • Deck hands assist as needed in fighting and landing fish
  • High performance hull and power get you to the fishing faster
  • Private charters available


Deep Sea Fishing

Sustainable practices

While fishing the Gulf of Mexico, our typical catches include red snapper, shark, ling, kingfish, dorado, amberjack, grouper, tuna and jack crevalle. The catches are seasonal as the schooling species migrate.

We encourage catch and release to preserve the sport of fishing for future generations.

The Osprey II is licensed to operate 100 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, is powered by twin Detroit 8-92 diesels, and has large auxiliary generators.


Smooth cruising

70′ in length

Osprey II is a modern fishing vessel built by Breaux Bay Craft of Louisiana, one of the premier builders of aluminum sea-going vessels. The hull design is “sea sweet” and she is equipped with the latest in electronics and fish-finding sonar. She’s fast and smooth.

The cabin is spacious with comfortable seating. Separate men’s and women’s restrooms are located aft. With lots of rail space, you won’t feel cramped as you fish.


Sustainable fishing practices

We practice catch and release conservation!

Help us make fishing a durable recreation. We support sustainable fishing practices so that you, and generations to follow may enjoy the opportunity to fish by catching only what we need and releasing what we don’t.

All billfish and other gamefish (tarpon, mako, etc) will be freed as soon as possible. All non-edible fish (jack crevalle, bonita, etc) will be released at boatside unless used for bait.

Fishing responsibly

Any and all fish that the catching fisherman does not intend to clean and eat will also be released before gaffing or landing. At this time, we allow the gaffing and landing of some shark species, but encourage fishermen to release these fish as well after enjoying the sport of playing them.

We are not in the business of killing fish. Our purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of fishing and savor the taste of fresh-caught fish while preserving the species for future generations.

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