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  • Black Dragon Pirate Ship
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Black Dragon Pirate Ship

Osprey Cruises professional staff

Pirate Adventure Cruise

Captain Andy

Captain Black-Hearted Andy, “Scourge Of the Laguna Madre,” invites you to join him and his jolly crew of wastrels and brigands on this interactive pirate adventure cruise. Lots of entertainment, lots of excitement and lots of pure fun for all you kids aged 2 to 92.

Come aboard and learn to fight like a pirate, speak like a pirate, hunt for treasure like a pirate and share the booty.

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Pirates Landing in Port Isabel

The Black Dragon Pirate Ship
Call 956-943-6283

501 East Maxan Street
Port Isabel, TX 78578


Before ye’ board

Pre-cruise activities

Be sure and arrive early (a half hour or so) for the “meet and greet” session on the waterfront patio behind Black Jack’s restaurant where food and beverages are available. Our pirates will introduce themselves, do some improv and fire the 9 lb “Gollywobbler” cannon signaling “All Aboard” .


Grog and Grub

Available the entire trip

Available for purchase on the ship: sodas, snacks, beer and wine. We also offer pina coladas, rum, tequila and whiskey based drinks. We accept Master Card and Visa aboard Black Dragon. There will be pre-boarding photo ops with captain and crew and the photos will be ready for purchase at the conclusion of the voyage.

Black Dragon Pirate Ship

Fun and entertainin’

Cannon firing and shows

All cruises include a crew of professional pirates who entertain with pirate stories, face painting, treasure hunts, water pistol battles, sword fighting, music, and loads of family fun for all ages. Don’t miss the dolphin watching on almost every cruise!


What be the Black Dragon?

The Black Dragon is a modern day replica of a 17th century galleon. Below the water line, she’s a modern sea-worthy vessel with the latest marine technology. Above the water, she’s a trip to a time and place where the likes of Jean Lafitte sailed the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre, making port here in Port Isabel. Legend has it that Lafitte took refuge in this area and dug a well in Laguna Vista. Local ranchers formed business alliances with pirates who sailed their contraband between the Rio Grande and Corpus Christi. Now, you can sail the same waters with Osprey Cruises aboard The Black Dragon pirate ship.

Our Black Dragon was constructed at Duckworth Shipyard, Tarpon Springs, FL and designed by Daniel J. Avoures & Assoc., of Tampa.

Ye’ mighty ship

  • 75 feet long; 20 foot beam
  • Weighs 80 gross tons
  • The tallest of her four masts extends 57 feet above the waterline, or, roughly the height of a five story building
  • Top speed of 12 knots; Cruises at 8 knots
  • Cruising capability of over 3000 nautical miles
  • Four decks of adventure
  • Modern men’s and women’s restrooms (heads)

Shiver me timbers and splice me mainbrace!

There’s strange happenings at South Padre Island and Port Isabel, TX. A gathering of thieves, brigands, piratefolk and back-stabbing blackguards … the likes of which haven’t been seen since the days of Blackbeard! This musty group will capture you and sail the Laguna Madre with a crew of real pirates while you enjoy your grub and grog.

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